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Knowing when you need to get a baby gate and what type of safety gate you actually need is only two of the many questions new parents often have. Here's a look at many of the most frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

Q. Do I Really Need To Use A Baby Gate?

A. In most all cases the answer is yes. Certainly, if you have stairs in your home to either the basement or two a second level in your home, a stairway baby gate is a must for safety. One of the most common, and preventable, accidents in the home with infants and toddlers are falls down the steps. A sturdy hardware mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs can prevent this from happening.

In addition, having one that prevents your child from getting into specific areas of your home is very important. For example, the kitchen or bathroom.

Q. How Do You Know When It's Time To Install A Baby Gate?

A. The easy answer would be when your child begins crawling. But that would be too late. The best time to begin putting up baby gates is when they begin rolling over. It's amazing at how fast a little one can move from one place to another. It's better to begin using a safety gate, or a baby gate for stairs, sooner rather than later.

Q. Are Baby Gates For Stairs Safe?

A. This is a pretty common question for many parents. Yes, a baby gate is absolutely safe for your stairs... if you install the right type of gate. What I mean by that is you must install a hardware mounted baby gate and not use a pressure mount gate.

The hardware screws right into the studs of the wall and gives it the strength you need for when your child uses the gate to pull themselves up, or shakes the gate as they stand alongside it. A pressure mount can easily give way and collapse with constant shaking or pulling. This can have disastrous consequences.

Q. Do I Need A Gate At Both The Top And Bottom Of My Stairs?

A. It is certainly advisable to have a gate at the top and bottom of your stairs. You can hold off on setting one up at the bottom until your child begins crawling and climbing real good. But once they know how to climb steps... the steps are like a magnet to them. And you do not want your child to be able to climb up to the top and have an accident.

Q. Are Baby Gates Easy To Install?

A. One of the more common misconceptions about baby gates is that they are difficult and time consuming to install. In most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. A pressure mounted baby gate can be set up in any room in only seconds.

Hardware mounted gates come with templates in most cases to make the installation a breeze. Simply line up the template to where you want to permanently mount the gate and install. Generally speaking, even for someone with no experience they can install the gate in less than 30 minutes.

Q. Do I Have To Buy Hardware Or Is It Included With The Gate?

A. I've yet to come across a baby gate manufacturer who doesn't include all the necessary hardware for any gate they sell. Every one of the baby gate reviews on our site that hardware mounted, include everything you need to set up the gate properly.

Q. Can I Install A Baby Gate If I Have Stairway Banisters?

A. Yes, that is not a problem in virtually every instance. For example, KidCo has a spindle installation kit that makes it very quick and easy to mount a baby gate to stairway banisters. (You can find our review of the KidCo Y Spindle in our reviews section)

Q. At What Age Can I Stop Using Baby Gates?

A. The million dollar question. The short answer is that there is no set in stone age for taking them down. Generally speaking though, 2-1/2 to 3 years of age is the maximum age for needing to use a baby gate. In many cases your child will actually let you know when they are no longer needed. They'll begin to open them up themselves.

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