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Summer Infant Extra Tall Decorative Walk Thru Gate Review

Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

One of the more attractive baby gates we've come across is undoubtedly the Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate. But good looks doesn't always mean good performance, and that is what you really need from a gate. So how does this Summer Infant baby gate compare to others? Here's a detailed review.

A unique aspect with this particular safety gate is that it can be used as both a pressure mounted or hardware mounted gate. Summer Infant has included all the hardware you need in order to permanently mount the gate for use as a stairway gate or wherever else you would like it to be attached. Or... you can use it as a pressure mount to use in any room or hallway in your home.

The gate itself features a hinged door that swings open in either direction for added convenience. In addition, it automatically closes shut which is a really great feature. This way you needn't worry whether anyone else in your home has closed the gate so that your child can't get out.

This particular model from Summer Infant also stands a full 36 inches tall, making it ideal for taller toddlers that can climb over other shorter gates. It works well for openings that are between 28 - 48 inches wide as well.

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Summer Infant Extra Tall Baby Gate Features

  • Hardware or pressure mounted baby gate

  • Includes all hardware for permanent mounting option

  • Steel construction

  • Gate stands 36 inches tall

  • Fits openings 28 - 48 inches wide

  • Attractive black powder coat finish

  • Door swings open in either direction

  • Door automatically closes shut

  • Can be used as a stairway baby gate with hardware installation

  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards

  • 1-year warranty

Summary of Reviews

This is one of Summer Infants best baby gates. It's not only good looking, but it is also very well built and sturdy for a taller sized gate. It is not flimsy in any way. The fact that the gate features an automatic closing mechanism is also a big plus. Installing this gate is not an issue in the least. It comes with full directions and all hardware.

Reviews on Amazon have been very positive for this gate, with users giving it a 4 out of 5 star rating. Users have commented about how attractive the gate is, as well as how nice it performs.

Based on our own research and the general overall consensus among users, we give this Summer Infant baby gate a 4 star rating. It is a very good option for anyone that needs an extra tall baby gate.

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